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  1. Colorful phytoplankton float on top of waters off of Patagonia. Image: NASA

    A surprising range of climate events may be predictable years in advance

    A slew of new papers collectively show that a wide range of phenomena across the atmosphere, oceans, and land may be predictable on time horizons that stretch from a year to a decade out. The new studies are all derived from the Decadal Prediction Large Ensemble.

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  2. UCAR statement on the passing of Trustee Michael Freilich

    The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) joins its sister institutions and colleagues across the geosciences in mourning the loss of Michael Freilich, a luminary whose passion for understanding the interwoven aspects of the Earth system drove the science forward. 

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  3. Washington Update: August 4, 2020

    Updates on appropriations, COVID relief package, space weather legislation, climate plan, and more.

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  4. View of Hurricane Hanna from the International Space Station

    Hurricane experts available to explain storm behavior, potential impacts

    As hurricane season starts to peak, NCAR and UCAR scientists are closely watching the potential for strong winds, torrential rains, and widespread flooding.

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  5. Holly Gilbert chosen to lead NCAR’s High Altitude Observatory

    Gilbert, who currently serves as director for the Heliophysics Science Division at the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, will join NCAR October 5.

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