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Apr 12, 2006 - by Staff


News Release 12/11/2006

News Release 4/12/2006

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Below is a collection of video footage best suited for downloading. Note that these files are not optimized for the Web.

Tip: Make sure when inserting a movie in a PowerPoint presentation that the original movie file accompanies the PowerPoint file. The movie must reside on the same computer that is running the presentation.

Compatibility testing: The .mov file format works best for Mac OSX, .avi format for PC Win XP. Note, the .mpg version is essentially the .avi with a .mpg extension. Some PowerPoint installations may not play the .avi format correctly, therefore, try using the .mpg version of the clips.

Trouble viewing? Try updating your player software to the latest version.
Download areas: Windows Media Player or QuickTime Player



Windows: Right-click and save target (link) as.
Mac: Ctrl-click and save target (link) as.

1. Version 1 - Running time: 04'48

  • Aborted Launch
  • Good Launch

640x480 - .mov (72MB), .avi (45MB)
400x300 - .mov (55MB), .avi (32MB)


2. Version 2 - Running time: 03'23

  • Good Launch
  • Satellite Deployment

640x480 - .mov (50MB), .avi (46MB)
400x300 - .mov (38MB), .avi (26MB)

à la carte

  • Aborted Launch - Running time: 01'56

640x480 - .mov (30MB), .avi (17MB)
400x300 - .mov (22MB), .avi (12MB)

  • Good Launch - Running time: 02'23

640x480 - .mov (35MB), .avi (24MB)
400x300 - .mov (28MB), .avi (20MB)

  • Satellite Deployment - Running time: 00'50

640x480 - .mov (13MB), .avi (10MB)
400x300 - .mov (10MB), .avi (7MB)

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