1. Tweet about Hurricane Harvey from the National Hurricane Center.

    Spinning up hurricane communications

    Forecasters can use images in social media to better communicate weather related hazards of hurricanes, according to a pair of new studies.

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  2. MPAS mesh

    The rise of MPAS

    A flexible, next-generation atmospheric model with the capability to accurately model weather, both regionally and globally, has been garnering increasing interest from user groups around the world, including weather forecasters, government agencies, climate scientists, private companies, and beyond.

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  3. Justin Young

    Justin Young named new UCAR Chief Financial Officer

    Young has served within the UCAR Finance team for more than 26 years, and has spent more than six years as the organization’s Deputy Chief Financial Officer.

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  4. Heat waves increase risk of preterm, early-term birth

    As heat waves become more frequent and intense, mothers are facing increased risk of preterm and early-term labor.

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  5. Scientists make gains in mystery of missing snow

    The SOS field project has yielded clues about the sublimation of snow in a mountain environment.

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