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  1. A colorful coral reef

    NCAR study identifies where coral reefs may be buffered against warming oceans

    As warming ocean temperatures threaten the existence of coral reefs, scientists at NCAR have successfully used an extremely high-resolution computer simulation of ocean circulation to identify possible “thermal refugia” where these biodiverse ecosystems are more likely to survive.

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  2. A mountain stream with snow in the background.

    Water resources to become less predictable with climate change

    Water resources will fluctuate increasingly and become more difficult to predict in snow-dominated regions across the Northern Hemisphere, new research shows.

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  3. Sea ice

    New study focuses on the impact of nuclear war on the oceans

    New research finds that nuclear war would devastate the ocean, causing a steep drop in water temperature, collapsing the marine food web, and spurring significant growth of Arctic sea ice.

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  4. Wildfire in Oregon.

    Pacific Northwest wildfires alter air pollution patterns across North America

    Increasingly large and intense wildfires in the Pacific Northwest are altering the seasonal pattern of air pollution and causing a spike in unhealthy pollutants in August, new research has found.

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  5. Rendering of magnetic field lines in geospace

    NCAR partners to build first-ever comprehensive community geospace model 

    NCAR is a leading partner in an effort to, for the first time, build a model that can simulate the entire near-Earth space environment, which stretches from the lower atmosphere out beyond the moon. 

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