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Tag: Modeling
  1. 20-day forecast simulation with starting conditions that differed on the order of a thousandth of a degree of the control (Forecast vs Fake Reality) yielded drastically different results past six days.

    Confronting the unpredictable

    Even with the ideal computer model and nearly perfect observations, new research confirms what meteorologists have long thought: there's a limit to how far in advance we can forecast the weather.

    • Weather

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  2. Clouds as seen from space.

    Can artificial intelligence make Earth system modeling more efficient?

    Scientist at NCAR are experimenting with machine learning to reduce the computational load.

    • Supercomputing

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  3. A visualization of MPAS run at a high resolution

    Teaching old codes new tricks

    NCAR has partnered with The Weather Company to experiment with a new technology that could make global, storm-scale forecasting a practical reality: graphical processing units, or GPUs.

    • Supercomputing,
    • Weather

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  4. NOAA and NCAR partner on new, state-of-the-art U.S. modeling framework

    NOAA and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) have joined forces to help the nation’s weather and climate modeling scientists achieve mutual benefits through more strategic collaboration, shared resources and information.

    • Climate,
    • Weather

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  5. A solar flare modeled in the new study

    Solar flares: From emergence to eruption

    A team of scientists has, for the first time, used a single, cohesive computer model to simulate the entire life cycle of a solar flare: from the buildup of energy thousands of kilometers below the solar surface, to the emergence of tangled magnetic field lines, to the explosive release of energy in a brilliant flash.

    • Sun + Space Weather

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