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Tag: Modeling
  1. Damage to Jersey coast from Sandy

    Steering a (virtual) hurricane: New model gives scientists more control

    A new tool developed at NCAR can help scientists better quantify the range of possible impacts from landfalling storms.

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  2. Irrigation of agricultural fields in California.

    Irrigation alleviates hot extremes driven by human-caused climate change

    New research finds that irrigation can cancel out, or even reverse, the increased risk of heat extremes associated with human-caused climate change.

    • Climate

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  3. Cheyenne Supercomputer at NWSC in Wyoming

    NCAR climate model dataset available on the cloud

    A massive dataset that is widely used by the climate and atmospheric research community to study phenomena such as extreme rainfall, ice loss, and extended droughts in North America, is now freely available on the commercial cloud. 

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  4. Nuclear test near Las Vegas

    Regional nuclear war could threaten global catastrophe

    A hypothetical nuclear war between India and Pakistan could kill 50-125 million people in the two nations in less than a week, according to new research.

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  5. Fishermen at dusk on Lake Victoria. (Photo by Africraigs.)

    Lifesaving storm warnings for Africa's Lake Victoria

    The HIGHWAY project aims to help the nations in the Lake Victoria Basin disseminate timely forecasts and warnings to those at risk.

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