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  1. Experts warn of growing risks to heavily populated coastlines

    A panel of experts called today for continued research investments to save lives and protect infrastructure in vulnerable coastal areas.

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  2. Bouza, Niger

    Big data project explores predictability of climate conditions years in advance

    As scientists work to forecast climate patterns from years to as much as a decade in advance, the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has created a vast new set of computer simulations to help identify the types of events that are most predictable.

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  3. A boat sits on dry land in Texas

    Impacts of El Niño and La Niña to intensify as climate warms

    When an El Niño or its opposite, La Niña, forms in the future, it's likely to cause more intense impacts over many land regions — amplifying changes to temperature, precipitation, and wildfire risk — due to the warming climate.

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  4. An image of Hurricane Harvey taken by the GOES-16 satellite

    Record-breaking ocean heat fueled Hurricane Harvey

    In the weeks before Hurricane Harvey tore across the Gulf of Mexico and plowed into the Texas coast in August 2017, the Gulf's waters were warmer than any time on record.

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