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  1. UCAR statement on Uccellini candidacy for WMO president

    UCAR announces its support of the U.S. National Weather Service director's candidacy for president of the World Meteorological Organization.

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  2. A stark line between rain forest and agricultural land in Brazil

    Global forests soaking up carbon at quickening rate

    The world's forests are taking up increasingly more carbon, partially offsetting the carbon being released by the burning of fossil fuels and by deforestation in the tropics, according to a new synthesis of model simulations.

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  3. Frost on a window

    Tweets show how we normalize a changing climate

    Scientists analyzed more than 2 billion tweets to reveal how perceptions of hot and cold temperatures change over time.

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  4. Ice buildup on the NRC Convair 580 can be seen on the aircraft nose and windows.

    Field campaign flies through icy weather

    Scientists are collecting in-flight data in some of the most risky weather for the aviation industry, including freezing rain, freezing drizzle, and sleet. The program is led by the Federal Aviation Administration in partnership with the National Center for Atmospheric Research and other organizations.

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  5. Warren Washington and Michael Mann

    Warren Washington, Michael Mann win 2019 Tyler Prize

    The 2019 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement – often described as the "Nobel Prize for the environment" – has been awarded to climate scientists Warren Washington of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University.

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