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  1. The Polarstern frozen in Arctic sea ice.

    Arctic research expedition likely faces extreme conditions in fast-changing Arctic

    Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) have used an ensemble of multiple climate model runs to simulate conditions along potential routes for the MOSAiC polar expedition, using today’s conditions in the “new Arctic.” The results suggest that thinner sea ice may carry the ship farther than would be expected compared to historical conditions and the sea ice around the ship may melt earlier than the 12-month goal. Of the 30 model runs analyzed in the new study, five (17%) showed melt-out in less than a year.

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  2. Cheyenne supercomputer

    NCAR-operated supercomputer to join national COVID-19 computing consortium

    NCAR is joining the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium by providing one of the nation's leading supercomputers to help research the deadly pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus

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  3. UCAR to temporarily close campuses

    After careful consideration, UCAR has decided on a temporary closure of its Colorado campuses to protect its employees and slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

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  4. An artist's rendering of a COSMIC-2 satellite.

    UCAR licensing agreement with AER will boost use of GNSS satellite data

    UCAR, building on its commitment to improve weather forecasting, will license a satellite data processing system to Atmospheric and Environmental, Inc.

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  5. NCAR senior scientist Warren Washington

    New Warren Washington medal to be awarded by AMS

    The American Meteorological Society has created a new national award in honor of NCAR senior scientist Warren Washington, a pioneer in the development of computer models of Earth's climate.

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