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  1. Ice-covered radar used in cloud-seeding experiment

    Scientists demonstrate that cloud seeding can generate snowfall

    Scientists have successfully used a combination of radars and snow gauges to measure the impact of cloud seeding on snowfall. The new research addresses decades of speculation about the effectiveness of artificial methods to increase precipitation, demonstrating unambiguously that cloud seeding can boost snowfall across a wide area if the atmospheric conditions are favorable.

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  2. Rendering of the new RAF building

    Officials break ground on NCAR research aviation facility

    Construction starts this month on a major NCAR facility, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), that will support aircraft flown on scientific field projects worldwide, leading to new advances in weather, climate, and air quality research.

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  3. Irrigation of agricultural fields in California.

    Irrigation alleviates hot extremes driven by human-caused climate change

    New research finds that irrigation can cancel out, or even reverse, the increased risk of heat extremes associated with human-caused climate change.

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  4. An artist's rendering of a COSMIC-2 satellite.

    Newly released satellite data poised to significantly improve weather forecasts

    As UCAR releases the first data from the newly launched COSMIC-2 satellite system, meteorologists are finding evidence that the detailed observations of the atmosphere will significantly improve short-term weather forecasts.

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  5. UCAR statement on nomination of Neil Jacobs to head NOAA

    Jacobs is an expert in weather forecasting and provided visionary support for EPIC.

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