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  1. An image of Hurricane Harvey taken by the GOES-16 satellite

    Record-breaking ocean heat fueled Hurricane Harvey

    In the weeks before Hurricane Harvey tore across the Gulf of Mexico and plowed into the Texas coast in August 2017, the Gulf's waters were warmer than any time on record.

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  2. NEXRAD2 image of squall line

    Double the data: Putting weather observations in the cloud increases access

    Meteorologists and other users accessed more than twice as much U.S. weather radar data after NOAA partnered with Amazon and UCAR to make the data available in the cloud.

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  3. UCAR Congressional Briefing: Subseasonal to seasonal forecasts

    Federal investments in atmospheric and oceanic research are ushering in major advances in longer-term weather prediction, enabling private companies to provide their clients with valuable forecasts of weather patterns weeks to months in advance.

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  4. A tornado in Oklahoma

    Past tornado experience shapes perception of risk

    People's past experiences with tornadoes inform how they approach this type of extreme weather in the future, including their perception of the risk.

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  5. Southern Ocean research: SOCRATES logo

    The climate secrets of southern clouds

    An international team of scientists will head to the remote Southern Ocean for six weeks to study clouds.

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