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  1. HIPPO Quick Facts

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  2. Impact of hurricanes on global climate

    While there has been much attention focused on the question of whether climate change influences hurricanes, scientists are also interested in whether the reverse holds true: do hurricanes significantly impact global climate?

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  3. Foothills Lab 4 in Boulder

    Standard & Poor's affirms UCAR's A+ long-term credit rating

    The UCAR has had its A+ long-term rating and underlying rating affirmed this month by credit rating agency Standard & Poor's for the eighth consecutive year.

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  4. Arctic sea ice loss and climate

    New research by NCAR scientists uses atmospheric general circulation model experiments to explore how projected losses in Arctic sea ice may affect climate.

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  5. Fast action inside solar prominences

    On November 8, 2007, scientists Giuliana de Toma and Roberto Casini noted something very unusual in observations of a solar prominence collected at NCAR's Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (MLSO). Prominences are magnetic structures that appear as clouds of cool, very dense material suspended for days or weeks in the much hotter, less dense solar corona.

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