1. Scientist checks tires for mosquito breeding sites

    Dengue and climate: Scientists tackle the nuances

    As dengue fever moves north with a warming climate, scientists are looking at multiple factors that can limit outbreaks.

    • Climate

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  2. 3D printing technology is being tested to produce weather stations

    3D printers promise affordable weather stations for the developing world

    UCAR is using advanced technology to create inexpensive weather stations for developing nations.

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  3. Michael J. Thompson

    Michael Thompson named interim UCAR president

    Current NCAR Deputy Director and COO Michael Thompson will be interim UCAR president while an international search takes place for a permanent president.

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  4. 1,000 years of the North Atlantic Oscillation: Map shows NAO conditions in negative phase

    Revealing Europe's winter weather history

    The research could move scientists closer toward projecting weather patterns in Europe months to years in advance.

    • Climate,
    • Weather

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  5. Thomas Bogdan departing as UCAR president

    Interim leadership will be named by the UCAR Board of Trustees.

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