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  1. Damage in the Lahaina harbor after the 2023 fire

    Scientists focus on Lahaina Fire to improve prediction of wildland-urban fires

    Scientists have used a pair of computer models to simulate last year's Lahaina Wildfire, a development that could potentially help with future firefighting operations and evacuations.

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  2. Simulation of Greenland that was run on the Cheyenne supercomputer

    “An extraordinary success”

    Before its retirement last month, the Cheyenne supercomputer helped advance knowledge into virtually every aspect of Earth system science.

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  3. NASA image of jet stream winds over Earth

    Jet stream winds will accelerate with warming climate

    Fast jet stream winds will accelerate by mid century as the planet warms.

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  4. An inferred complete image of the Solar South Pole.

    Virtual observatory provides first “look” at the solar poles

    Scientists are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to view the Sun’s poles — or at least produce an educated guess of what the Sun’s poles might look like, since they’ve never been observed before.

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  5. CONUS404 monthly precipitation climatology from 1986-2020

    Scientists gain powerful tool to scrutinize changing U.S. weather patterns

    An extraordinary new dataset of high-resolution weather simulations that span more than four decades over the continental United States is now available to the Earth system science community.

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