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Tag: Modeling
  1. A field of corn

    Solar geoengineering can help safeguard crop yields from climate change

    Researchers use an NCAR-based model to study impacts on crops.

    • Climate

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  2. NASA aerial image of Greenland glacier.

    Paris Agreement targets could greatly reduce loss of ice sheets, glaciers

    A major international study predicts that sea level rise from the melting of land ice could be halved this century if society were to limit warming to 1.5°Celsius.

    • Climate,
    • Supercomputing

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  3. Smog in Beijing

    COVID-19 lockdowns linked to pollution spikes in some cities

    Lockdowns last year in response to COVID-19 resulted in drastic cuts to emissions, especially from vehicle tailpipes, and yet some urban areas saw a paradoxical spike in ozone air pollution.

    • Air Quality

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  4. Oil painting of a juvenile loggerhead turtle by NCAR scientist and co-author Kristen Krumhardt

    High-resolution ocean model provides insight into sea turtles’ lost years

    An exquisitely detailed global ocean model simulation from NCAR has given scientists rare insight into where baby sea turtles may go in their “lost years” after they scramble off the sandy beaches where they are born and swim into the open ocean.

    • Water

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  5. Sunset over Queens, NY.

    Scientists use advanced computer modeling to project future urban heat

    An advanced new computer modeling technique has enabled scientists to project the potential extent of climate change in the world’s cities.

    • Climate

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