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  1. Satellite view of smoke billowing from Australian bushfires

    Smoke particles from wildfires can erode ozone layer

    Wildfire smoke in the stratosphere can trigger chemical reactions that erode the ozone layer shielding Earth from the Sun’s damaging ultraviolet radiation

    • Air Quality

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  2. Ocean waves along beach.

    Sea level rise poses particular risk for Asian megacities

    Sea level rise this century may pose especially major risks to such Asian megacities as Chennai, Kolkata, Yangon, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, and Manila.

    • Climate

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  3. NCAR welcomes third Early Career Faculty Innovators cohort

    The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is pleased to announce six faculty members have been selected for the third cohort of the Early Career Faculty Innovator Program.

    • Education + Outreach

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  4. Firefighters at staging area during 2020 California wildfire

    California wildfire smoke dimmed solar energy in 2020

    Solar energy forecasts in California substantiated overestimated energy production when wildfire smoke dimmed the skies.

    • Air Quality

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  5.  Buried machinery in barn lot in South Dakota during the Dust Bowl.

    1930s Dust Bowl affected extreme heat around Northern Hemisphere

    Scientists find link between the extreme heat of the Great Plains in the 1930s and soaring temperatures far beyond the United States.

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    • Weather

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