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  1. Greenland iceberg (NASA/Saskia Madlene)

    The Arctic is transitioning into a new climate state

    The fast-warming Arctic has started to transition from a predominantly frozen state into an entirely different climate, according to a comprehensive new study of Arctic conditions.

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  2. Map of global ice age temperatures

    Scientists nail down average temperature of last ice age

    New research has nailed down the average global temperature at the peak of the last ice age, which helps scientists better understand today's relationship between carbon dioxide levels and warming temperatures.

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  3. NCAR to collaborate on national initiative to advance artificial intelligence

    NCAR is taking part in a major national initiative to advance artificial intelligence in research and education.

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  4. NCAR and UCAR staff receive high accolades from AMS

    Scientists and educators at NCAR and UCAR have won prestigious honors from one of the nation's leading science organizations: the American Meteorological Society. The awards will be presented during the January 2021 annual meeting of the society.

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  5. View of Hurricane Hanna from the International Space Station

    Hurricane experts available to explain storm behavior, potential impacts

    As hurricane season starts to peak, NCAR and UCAR scientists are closely watching the potential for strong winds, torrential rains, and widespread flooding.

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