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  1. Photograph of pinkish gray air over a cityscape

    Climate change threat: Developing countries lack means to acquire more efficient technologies

    Contrary to earlier projections, few developing countries will be able to afford more efficient technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next few decades, new research concludes.

    • Climate

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  2. Weather and health

    A new UCAR COMET Program course, Weather and Health, will help meteorologists and others broaden their understanding of the impacts of weather and climate on public health.

    • Weather

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  3. Regional Climate Change in the United States - Recent Reports Fact Sheet

    Publications about severe weather and climate change.

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  4. Map showing meningitus belt in Africa from Senegal to Ethiopia

    Health and Weather: UCAR Weather Forecasts Aim to Reduce African Meningitis Epidemics

    UCAR, working with an international team of health and weather organizations, is launching a project this month to provide long-term weather forecasts to medical officials in Africa to help reduce outbreaks of meningitis.

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  5. Measuring Lake Victoria's water level

    Lake Victoria's water levels reached a 40-year low in 2006 when East Africa was gripped by drought. A study by NCAR scientist Sean Swenson shows that drought was not the only cause of Lake Victoria's shrinkage—human management at the dam was also to blame.

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