NCAR scientists win prestigious AMS awards

Seven researchers to be honored in January

Sep 13, 2018 - by Ali Branscombe

Seven researchers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) have won awards and fellowships for 2019 from the American Meteorological Society (AMS), recognizing their research, leadership, and mentorship contributions to the field of atmospheric science. Scientists Fei Chen, Christopher Davis, David Gochis, Sue Ellen Haupt, Hugh Morrison, Rebecca Morss, and Stan Trier will be recognized at a ceremony in January at the 99th AMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix.

"These exemplary researchers are representative of the world-class scientific staff at NCAR and our ongoing commitment to conducting research in support of society. We applaud and congratulate them on these great honors," said UCAR President Antonio Busalacchi.


NCAR senior scientist Fei Chen will receive the Helmut E. Landsberg Award, which recognizes an individual or team for exemplary contributions to the fields of urban meteorology, climatology, or hydrology. Chen is recognized for leading the development of the WRF-Urban Modeling System and for his contributions to researching the interactions between land surface and atmosphere in an effort to understand urban environmental issues.

Christopher Davis, director of NCAR's Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Laboratory, won the 2019 Joanne Simpson Mentorship Award for his "patient, careful, and supportive mentoring of students" throughout his career. This award recognizes individuals who have provided significant mentorship outside the college or university setting during the formative career stages of students and colleagues in the weather, water, and climate community.

NCAR senior scientist Hugh Morrison will receive the Editor's Award for the Journal of Atmospheric Science "for numerous and insightful reviews in the areas of clouds and convection.". Morrison is an expert in cloud microphysics and dynamics.

Stan Trier, an NCAR project scientist, has won the Editor's Award for the journal Monthly Weather Review "for providing thorough, constructive, and timely reviews of numerous manuscripts." His research is on thunderstorm clusters, environmental factors influencing the initiation of storms and their daily cycles, and the effects of weather systems on aviation turbulence.


David Gochis, NCAR scientist and hydrometeorologist, has been named an AMS Fellow for his outstanding contribution to atmospheric and hydrologic sciences through his career. Gochis is currently the NCAR principal investigator on the WRF-Hydro Modeling System, an open-source community model that predicts streamflow and surface hydrology variables across the continental United States operating as the NOAA National Water Model.

Sue Ellen Haupt, deputy director of NCAR's Research Applications Laboratory and an expert in artificial intelligence and boundary layer meteorology, has also been named an AMS Fellow for her significant scientific contributions and leadership in the field. Among her achievements, Haupt has held leadership positions with the World Energy and Meteorology Council and the AMS Council, and she serves on the AMS Energy Committee.

Rebecca Morss, deputy director of NCAR’s Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Laboratory, is another NCAR researcher named a new AMS Fellow. Morss is a senior scientist who studies the predictability of weather-related hazards and communication of weather and climate risks. She is recognized for her outstanding research that bridges the fields of atmospheric and social sciences to study hazard information systems.

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