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  1. Instrument scientist Jenna Samra kneels next to the Airborne InfraRed Spectrometer (AIR-Spec)

    Scientists to chase South American total eclipse with research aircraft

    Scientists at NCAR and CfA follow South American eclipse in NSF/NCAR research aircraft.

    • Sun + Space Weather

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  2. An artist's rendering of a COSMIC-2 satellite.

    COSMIC-2 atmospheric observing system slated to blast off next week

    A constellation of small satellites launched on June 24 will lead to better hurricane forecasts and provide critical information about upper atmospheric disturbances that can affect global communications systems and electrical grids.

    • Data,
    • Weather

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  3. UCAR statement on opening the 24 GHz spectrum

    Opening high-frequency radio spectrum to telecommunications providers may significantly interfere with weather forecasts needed to protect life and property and support essential military operations.

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    • Government Relations,
    • Organization,
    • Weather

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  4. Interdisciplinary program to examine potential coastal impacts of climate change, natural hazards

    NCAR is launching a significant new program this summer, naming nine early career faculty members from U.S. universities to conduct interdisciplinary research into the impacts of climate change and natural hazards on U.S. coasts.

    • Education + Outreach

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  5. Heavy traffic in New Delhi

    Predicting unhealthy air

    Residents of New Delhi and nearby heavily polluted areas of northern India now have access to air quality forecasts that provide critical information for reducing their exposure to potentially unhealthy air.

    • Air Quality

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