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  1. Color drawing of buildings and property

    Architectural design team selected for supercomputing center

    NCAR and its managing organization, UCAR, announced today the selection of an architectural design team for a supercomputing center dedicated to advancing scientists' understanding of climate, weather, and other Earth and atmospheric processes.

    • Supercomputing

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  2. Urbanization and rainfall in Beijing

    NCAR scientist Fei Chen is collaborating with colleagues at China’s Institute of Urban Meteorology to explore how growth in Beijing is changing the city’s summer rainfall patterns, focusing specifically on the relationship between urban expansion, aerosols, and summer rainfall.

    • Air Quality,
    • Weather

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  3. Photograph of Mercy Borbor-Cordova

    Seeking human and environmental health

    Mercy Borbor-Cordova, NCAR's Advanced Study Program • Two things are critical for academic success, says Borbor-Cordova, who combines interests in environmental science and public policy. One is persistence. The other is what makes persistence possible: choosing subject(s) you really love.

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  4. color plot of wind strength

    NCAR forecasts will help Xcel Energy harness wind

    The highly detailed forecasts will help the utility use power from turbines when sufficient winds are predicted.

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  5. Mercy Borbor-Cordova

    Mercy Borbor-Cordova's research projects extend from the equator across South America and on to Antarctica. From her hometown of Guayaquil, Ecuador, she has built a career that spans three continents, is conducted in two languages, encompasses the oceans and atmosphere, and brings together scientists, policymakers, and impoverished communities.

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