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  1. Arial photograph of large smoke plume in the distance

    Wildfires Cause Ozone Pollution to Violate Health Standards, New Study Shows

    Wildfires can boost ozone pollution to levels that violate U.S. health standards, a new study concludes.

    • Air Quality

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  2. Color map of North America, Atlantic, and parts of Europe and Africa

    Hurricanes and climate change: NCAR launches intensive study into future hurricane risk

    NCAR, working with federal agencies and universities as well as the insurance and energy industries, has launched an intensive study to examine how global warming will influence hurricanes in the next few decades.

    • Climate,
    • Weather

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  3. Fitting new pieces into the African drought puzzle

    Andrea Sealy, NCAR's Advanced Study Program • If you are from the Caribbean and you're good at math and science, the advice you get is to become a doctor, says Sealy. "But I never liked biology much," she adds. Now she's a researcher at the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology.

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  4. Andrea Sealy

    Andrea Sealy has been working for the last two years to find some answers to the many questions surrounding the Sahelian drought.

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  5. Between air and sea

    NCAR scientists Bill Large and Steve Yeager have produced a new analysis of the exchanges of heat, momentum, and moisture between the oceans and atmosphere that should help climate modelers better assess variability on several time scales.

    • Climate

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