1. Eric Barron

    NCAR director Eric Barron named president of FSU

    Eric J. Barron, the director of NCAR, will step down from his position to assume the presidency of Florida State University. An alumnus of FSU, Barron was selected yesterday by its Board of Trustees to lead the university.

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  2. Statistics software for the geosciences

    NCAR researchers are increasingly adopting an innovative tool for statistical computing and graphics. Called R, this community software project is the statistics equivalent of the LINUX movement.

    • Air Quality

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  3. UCAR Magazine

    A new index for measuring climate change

    A group of scientists has put forth a new tool that combines four distinct measures of climate change into a single number—and the trend is clearly in one direction.

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  4. UCAR Magazine

    One global agreement hits the streets

    There was a palpable sense of history in the making across Europe as some 15,000 expected participants in the Copenhagen climate conference began to converge upon the Continent.

    • Climate

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  5. UCAR statement on hacking of University of East Anglia climate correspondence and files

    UCAR is concerned that emails and data, including personal information about individuals, have been hacked from the University of East Anglia. The selective publication of some stolen emails and other papers taken out of context is not a responsible way to engage on the issue of climate change.

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