1. SSTs in eastern tropical Pacific

    Watching for Modoki

    While most El Niños tend to inhibit Atlantic hurricanes, the Modoki variety, with its peak warming displaced further west from the Atlantic, appears to leave more room for a bumper crop in at least some years.

    • Climate

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  2. Tracking air pollution to and from the United States

    When it comes to global air pollution, what goes around comes around. Air pollution from factories, traffic, and power plants in Asia wafts over the Pacific Ocean to the United States, while pollutants produced in the United States wind up in Europe.

    • Air Quality

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  3. Photograph of two women sitting in an office, one undergoing a medical test

    UCAR Wins Health Hero Award

    UCAR has been honored with a Health Hero Award from the Boulder County Business Report for its array of employee wellness and ergonomics programs.

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  4. Sunspots

    The Sun's a hot topic

    The public is keenly interested in the Sun and its doings. “Sunspots” is one of the most frequent search terms bringing visitors to the NCAR/UCAR website.

    • Sun + Space Weather

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