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  1. Summer sun over city

    Scientists develop new method to estimate exposure to indoor heat

    An interdisciplinary team of scientists has developed an innovative method to estimate the health risks of older adults who spend time in hot indoor settings.

    • Climate

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  2. A forecast for tornadoes

    A neural network improves forecasts for severe storm hazards

    NCAR is using artificial intelligence to run experimental forecasts for hail, tornadoes, and intense winds — storm hazards that can cause serious damage but that are notoriously difficult for weather models to accurately predict.

    • Weather

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  3. Scientists decipher mechanism for formic acid formation

    An international team of researchers has determined the chemical processes behind the formation of atmospheric formic acid, which will lead to improved weather and climate models.

    • Air Quality

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  4. NASA aerial image of Greenland glacier.

    Paris Agreement targets could greatly reduce loss of ice sheets, glaciers

    A major international study predicts that sea level rise from the melting of land ice could be halved this century if society were to limit warming to 1.5°Celsius.

    • Climate,
    • Supercomputing

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  5. Clara Deser

    NCAR climate scientist Clara Deser elected to the National Academy of Sciences

    The National Academy of Sciences announced the election of 120 new members, including distinguished climate scientist Clara Deser of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Deser is a senior scientist in the Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory (CGD) in NCAR.

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