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  1. rates of sea level rise compared to average

    Uneven rates of sea level rise tied to climate change

    The pattern of uneven sea level rise over the last quarter century has been driven in part by human-caused climate change, not just natural variability, according to a new study.

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  2. Heavy rain on a window

    Half of the world's annual precipitation falls in just 12 days, new study finds

    Currently, half of the world's measured precipitation that falls in a year falls in just 12 days, according to a new analysis of data collected at weather stations across the globe. By century's end, climate models project that this lopsided distribution of rain and snow is likely to become even more skewed, with half of annual precipitation falling in 11 days.

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  3. Montage of outdoor scenes from Atlanta, a Michigan forest, and New York City

    Detailed look at air pollution reveals surprising variety at molecular level

    A research team, led by Yale and including an NCAR visiting scientist, has found that a type of air pollution is much more complicated than previous studies indicated.

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  4. Clouds of a massive thunderstorm billow in the sky

    Field campaign to study extreme storms in Argentina

    Next month, more than 150 scientists will head to Argentina as part of a field campaign to discover why the region's thunderstorms may be the most intense on Earth.

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  5. UCAR partnering with UA on innovative radars

    UCAR and the University of Alabama are using information from radars to add new capabilities to the National Water Model

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