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  1. Hurricane Ike

    Hurricanes: A bit stronger, a bit slower, and a lot wetter in a warmer climate

    A new analysis compares 22 recent hurricanes with their likely future selves at the end of this century.

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  2. James Hurrell, outgoing NCAR director

    NCAR Director James Hurrell accepts prestigious chair at CSU

    An expert in climate variability and change, Hurrell will serve as the Walter Scott Presidential Chair in Environmental Science and Engineering at Colorado State University.

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  3. Weather Underground Radar Image

    UCAR, Skymet team up to improve forecasts in India

    Skymet will use a customized version of a cutting-edge automated weather prediction system developed at NCAR to provide improved forecasts for India's businesses, farmers, and other users.

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  4. An image of Hurricane Harvey taken by the GOES-16 satellite

    Record-breaking ocean heat fueled Hurricane Harvey

    In the weeks before Hurricane Harvey tore across the Gulf of Mexico and plowed into the Texas coast in August 2017, the Gulf's waters were warmer than any time on record.

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  5. New national water model: Image compares lower resolution of current model to higher resolution of WRF-Hydro

    US taps NCAR technology for new water resources forecasts

    NOAA is using an advanced NCAR prediction system as the core of the new National Water Model.

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