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  1. Photograph of yellow flowere, close-up, green background

    Volunteers across nation to track climate clues in spring flowers

    A nationwide initiative starting tomorrow will enable volunteers to track climate change by observing the timing of flowers and foliage.

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  2. Photograph of a prairie with red barn in the distance, blue sky

    Native Americans, scientists to discuss climate change at landmark symposium

    Leading representatives from indigenous and scientific communities will take part in a landmark climate change symposium at NCAR in Boulder.

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  3. Photograph of Joan Kleypas

    Natural ocean "thermostat" may protect some coral reefs

    Natural processes may prevent oceans from warming beyond a certain point, helping protect some coral reefs from the impacts of climate change, new research finds.

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  4. Deploying atmospheric sensors around the world

    Lou Verstraete, NCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory • As a senior technician, Verstraete manages a self-contained meteorological observing system that's deployed on field projects around the country and the world.

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  5. Hurricane Katrina nears the Gulf Coast on August 28, 2005

    NCAR Scientists to Present Latest Findings on Climate Change, Weather at New Orleans Meeting

    As the city of New Orleans struggles to rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, researchers are learning more about weather and climate and their impacts on society.

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