1. Fast action inside solar prominences

    On November 8, 2007, scientists Giuliana de Toma and Roberto Casini noted something very unusual in observations of a solar prominence collected at NCAR's Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (MLSO). Prominences are magnetic structures that appear as clouds of cool, very dense material suspended for days or weeks in the much hotter, less dense solar corona.

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  2. Ozone and mortality

    NCAR postdoctoral researcher Yongku Kim is using epidemiologic data to study the effects of ozone regulation on human health. He’s leading an assessment of how various regulatory standards for ozone may affect non-accidental mortality, including respiratory-related deaths during ozone season.

    • Air Quality

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  3. Forecasting for wind energy

    Accurate, high-resolution weather forecasts are a critical part of wind energy production. In December, UCAR signed an agreement with Xcel Energy to develop a wind prediction system for the company’s wind energy farms in Colorado, Minnesota, and Texas.

    • Weather

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  4. Regional Climate Change in the United States - Experts Fact Sheet

    Several of the nation’s top experts on regional change will participate in the December 15 oral session (PA12A) and poster session (PA13C) on this topic during the 2008 AGU Meeting in San Francisco, California.

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