1. Photograph of a large, super computer, black with IBM on side

    NCAR Installs 76-teraflop supercomputer for critical research on climate change, severe weather

    NCAR has taken delivery of a new IBM supercomputer that will advance research into severe weather and the future of Earth's climate.

    • Supercomputing

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  2. Andrew Monaghan

    Climate Models Overheat Antarctica, New Study Finds

    Computer analyses of global climate have consistently overstated warming in Antarctica, concludes new research by scientists at NCAR and Ohio State University.

    • Climate

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  3. Simone Tilmes

    Stratospheric injections to counter global warming could damage ozone layer

    A much-discussed idea to offset global warming by injecting sulfate particles into the stratosphere would have a drastic impact on Earth's protective ozone layer.

    • Climate

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  4. Roelof Bruintjes

    Media advisory: weather modification - the state of the science

    Commercial operators, governments, and academic researchers worldwide are engaging in cloud seeding and other weather modification projects to try to influence local conditions.

    • Weather

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