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  1. Colorful phytoplankton float on top of waters off of Patagonia. Image: NASA

    A surprising range of climate events may be predictable years in advance

    A slew of new papers collectively show that a wide range of phenomena across the atmosphere, oceans, and land may be predictable on time horizons that stretch from a year to a decade out. The new studies are all derived from the Decadal Prediction Large Ensemble.

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  2. Holly Gilbert chosen to lead NCAR’s High Altitude Observatory

    Gilbert, who currently serves as director for the Heliophysics Science Division at the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, will join NCAR October 5.

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  3. Washington Update: July 1, 2020

    This update covers the new NSF director, FY21 budget update, research relief bill, and more.

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  4. NASA illustration of AU Mic system.

    Scientists discover a world orbiting a unique young star

    Scientists are reporting the discovery of a planet about as large as Neptune that circles a young star, AU Microscopii, in just over a week

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  5. Increased warming in latest generation of climate models likely caused by clouds

    As scientists work to determine why some of the latest climate models suggest the future could be warmer than previously thought, a new study indicates the reason is likely related to challenges simulating the formation and evolution of clouds.

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