1. A+ long-term credit rating continues for UCAR

    The credit rating agency S&P has affirmed an A+ long-term bond rating for the UCAR.

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  2. An infographic of the atmosphere

    The entire atmosphere in a single model

    Scientists, in a major computer modeling achievement, simulate the influence of CO2 through Earth's entire atmosphere

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  3. NEXRAD2 image of squall line

    Double the data: Putting weather observations in the cloud increases access

    Meteorologists and other users accessed more than twice as much U.S. weather radar data after NOAA partnered with Amazon and UCAR to make the data available in the cloud.

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  4. Satellite image of nitrogen dioxide levels

    U.S. gains in air quality are slowing down

    The slowdown may make it more difficult for the US to meet goal of reduced ozone pollution.

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  5. UCAR Congressional Briefing: Subseasonal to seasonal forecasts

    Federal investments in atmospheric and oceanic research are ushering in major advances in longer-term weather prediction, enabling private companies to provide their clients with valuable forecasts of weather patterns weeks to months in advance.

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