1. Experts available for hurricane interviews: satellite image of Hurricane Harvey (NASA)

    NCAR|UCAR hurricane experts available to explain storm behavior, potential impacts

    The scientists are observing the potentially deadly storm and testing high-resolution computer models.

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  2. Illustration of asteroid impact

    Dino-killing asteroid could have thrust Earth into two years of darkness

    Tremendous amounts of soot, lofted into the air from global wildfires following a massive asteroid strike 66 million years ago, would have plunged Earth into darkness for nearly two years, new research finds.

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  3. HAO eclipse gallery: side-by-side pre- and post-processed images, 1901 eclipse

    Eclipse science, then and now

    Scientists are eager to capture images of this year's eclipse — but that's nothing new. Researchers have been poring over images of total solar eclipses practically since there were images available to pore over.

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  4. SOARS adds satellite programs: Protege Jeremiah Piersante with Professor Deanna Hence

    Nationally recognized internship program to reach more students than ever

    SOARS is working with alumni at universities to develop year-round satellite programs that will help additional undergraduates.

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  5. Scientists announce eclipse projects: NASA image of solar eclipse

    Eclipse science along the path of totality

    Leading U.S. solar scientists highlight research activities that will take place across the country during next month's rare solar eclipse.

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