1. kids studying ocean reefs: illustration from Elementary Globe storybook

    UCAR staff add climate storybook to Elementary GLOBE's line-up

    School children go to Greenland and the Maldives to study climate in the latest addition to this illustrated series.

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    • Climate,
    • Air Quality

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  2. snowpack in the Rockies

    Slower snowmelt in a warming world

    As the world warms, mountain snowpack will not only melt earlier, it will also melt more slowly, according to a new study by NCAR scientists.

    • Climate

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  3. UCAR trustees

    Five new trustees join UCAR's board

    The new trustees add breadth and depth of expertise to the leadership of UCAR's 110-member university consortium.

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  4. An ICAR model simulation of Colorado

    High-resolution regional modeling (no supercomputer needed)

    The Intermediate Complexity Atmospheric Research Model (ICAR) gives researchers increased accuracy using only a tiny fraction of the computing resources.

    • Climate,
    • Weather

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  5. NCAR Meteo VR and AR apps: virtual and augmented reality

    New apps set atmospheric data spinning in 3D

    NCAR has created two apps: one using virtual-reality and one using augmented-reality techniques to create 3D visualizations of data sets on a globe.

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    • Education + Outreach

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