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  1. University of Alabama joins UCAR consortium

    The University of Alabama’s partnership with the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research will benefit students, the state and the nation, said UA President Stuart R. Bell at an on-campus ceremony today.

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  2. map of expected sea level rise

    Cutting greenhouse gas emissions would help spare cities worldwide from rising seas

    Cutting emissions would reduce the threat of sea level rise to coastal cities worldwide, with especially significant benefits for New York and other U.S. East Coast cities.

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  3. Reaching for GOLD

    A nationwide group of pilot projects is using innovative approaches to make the geosciences more inclusive and diverse.

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  4. The upper Rio Grande watershed

    Taking the temperature of streamflow forecasts

    Adding temperature predictions into seasonal streamflow forecasts in the U.S. Southwest could increase the accuracy of those forecasts.

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  5. 2 feet of sea level rise

    The rate of sea level rise is accelerating, a new study finds

    Global sea level rise is not cruising along at a steady 3 mm per year; it’s accelerating a little every year.

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