1. The headwaters of the Rio Grande River

    Warmer temperatures cause decline in key runoff measure

    Since the mid-1980s, the percentage of precipitation that becomes streamflow in the Upper Rio Grande watershed has fallen more steeply than at any point in at least 445 years.

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    • Weather

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  2. Map of ocean oxygen trend

    Decades of data on world's oceans reveal a troubling oxygen decline

    A new analysis has found that the amount of dissolved oxygen contained in the water – an important measure of ocean health – has been declining for more than 20 years.

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  3. ASMET team

    Raising forecasting skills in Africa and beyond

    For two decades now, the African Satellite Meteorology Education & Training Project, or ASMET, co-managed by UCAR, has helped fill the gaps by providing training to African forecasters on how to use satellite data to improve weather forecasts.

    • Education + Outreach

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  4. UCAR signs agreement to develop renewable energy forecasting system for Kuwait

    NCAR to develop advanced wind and solar energy forecasting system for Kuwait

    Expanding its work in renewable energy, the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is launching a three-year project to develop specialized forecasts for a major wind and solar energy facility in Kuwait.

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  5. Raghu Raj Prassana Kumar of NCAR conducting Raspberry Pi training

    Promoting diversity in high-performance computing

    Since 2014, NCAR has been using Raspberry Pi to teach "hot" computing skills to university students who are underrepresented in the sciences.

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    • Supercomputing

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