1. ECEP hurricane damage index: Satellite imagery of Hurricane Ivan

    Sizing up cyclones

    NCAR scientists have developed a new index for quantifying a hurricane's ability to cause destruction.

    • Weather

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  2. Scientists visualize tornado's winds: still image from animation shows vortices as tubelike structures

    A 3D window into a tornado

    Scientists use advanced software to visualize details of the powerful storms.

    • Weather

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  3. Scientists measure CO2 levels by Antarctica: illustration of CO2 exceeding 400 ppm

    A CO2 milestone in Earth's history

    The ORCAS field project records carbon dioxide levels exceeding 400 ppm over one of the remote regions of the globe.

    • Climate

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  4. Pollution blows across the Korean Peninsula

    Planes, ships and satellites: Investigating air quality in Korea

    NCAR scientists are on the ground in South Korea as part of a field campaign to investigate the region's air quality.

    • Air Quality

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  5. Artist's rendering of new NCAR climate exhibit

    NCAR to open multimedia exhibit on climate change

    The Boulder exhibits provide the public with an engaging and scientifically accurate forum to learn about climate.

    • Education + Outreach

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