1. The US will experience more record high temperatures: summer weather map of US

    Days of record-breaking heat ahead

    The ratio of record highs to record lows will increase sharply if greenhouse gas emissions continue.

    • Climate

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  2. NCAR Director James Hurrell: elected incoming president of AGU's Atmospheric Sciences Section

    James Hurrell elected to AGU position

    Hurrell will help foster efforts to advance research into the atmospheric sciences.

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  3. 2015 wildfires in Sumatra, as seen from space

    Indonesian fires exposed 69 million to 'killer haze'

    Wildfires in Indonesia and Borneo exposed 69 million people to unhealthy air pollution, new research has shown.

    • Air Quality

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  4. An image of the Jefferson memorial

    UCAR publishes guidance to next presidential administration and Congress

    Focused investments in the atmospheric and related sciences will help address important societal needs.

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  5. Ralph J. Cicerone

    UCAR/NCAR statement on the passing of Ralph J. Cicerone

    NCAR and UCAR join colleagues in the Earth system science community and beyond in mourning the loss of renowned atmospheric scientist Ralph J. Cicerone, who died on Nov. 5.

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