1. A depiction of a past warmer climate on Earth

    Past is key to predicting future climate, scientists say

    In a review paper published in the journal Science, a group of climate experts makes the case for including paleoclimate data in the development of climate models. Such models are used globally to assess the impacts of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, predict scenarios for future climate and propose strategies for mitigation.

    • Climate

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  2. Research aircraft flies through smoke.

    Flying through wildfire smoke plumes could improve smoke forecasts

    Smoke forecasts may incorrectly predict the amount of particles in staler air.

    • Air Quality

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  3. Super Science Saturday goes online

    All are welcome to this fun and enriching day of learning about science and the atmosphere.

    • Education + Outreach

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  4. A visualization of smoke over California

    NCAR to enhance data analysis tools with input from broad scientific community

    NCAR is inviting scientists worldwide to help further develop two of its premiere geoscience data visualization and analysis software programs: GeoCAT (Geoscience Community Analysis Toolkit) and VAPOR (Visualization and Analysis Platform for Ocean, Atmosphere, and Solar Researchers).

    • Data

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  5. Credit agencies reaffirm long-term ratings for UCAR

    Moody's and S&P both gave UCAR top bond ratings.

    • Organization

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