1. Mount Tambora's caldera

    Future volcanic eruptions could cause more climate disruption

    Major volcanic eruptions in the future have the potential to affect global temperatures and precipitation more dramatically than in the past because of climate change.

    • Climate

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  2. Visualization of ozone on the Front Range

    Scientists pinpoint sources of Front Range ozone

    The new report uses measurements from two major Front Range field projects

    • Air Quality

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  3. Three new trustees join UCAR's board

    UCAR now has 117 member universities and colleges across North America

    • Organization

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  4. The browning of Rupert Bay, NASA

    Climate change could decrease Sun's ability to disinfect lakes, coastal waters

    An increase in extreme rainfall makes it more difficult for UV light to kill pathogens.

    • Climate,
    • Water

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  5. LSU students, faculty, celebrate UCAR membership with UCAR President Antonio Busalacchi

    Louisiana State University joins UCAR consortium

    LSU President F. King Alexander and UCAR President Antonio J. Busalacchi signed the membership agreement at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting on Dec. 14 in New Orleans.

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