1. Cheyenne supercomputer: simulation of air flow through wind turbine

    NWSC benefits Wyoming with jobs and education

    Since opening in 2012, the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center has both accelerated scientific discovery nationwide and provided a boost to its home state of Wyoming.

    • Supercomputing

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  2. Coronal bright points

    Planetary waves, first found on Earth, are discovered on Sun

    The same kind of large-scale planetary waves that meander through the atmosphere high above Earth's surface may also exist on the Sun, according to a new study led by a scientist at NCAR.

    • Sun + Space Weather

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  3. American Meteorological Society logo

    UCAR/NCAR statement on the passing of Matthew J. Parker

    The president of the American Meteorological Society advocated for a more diverse and inclusive weather enterprise.

    • Weather

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  4. A solar event on Jan. 1, 2016

    Space weather warnings could arrive earlier with NCAR coronagraph

    A research instrument atop the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii could be used to provide earlier warnings to astronauts when dangerous high-energy particles are blasted out of the Sun's corona.

    • Sun + Space Weather

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  5. Trump administration budget outline: UCAR logo

    UCAR statement on President Trump's first budget proposal

    Any significant cuts to science funding in the U.S. budget would threaten our preeminence, undercutting efforts to keep the public safe and our economy and military strong.

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