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  1. Satellite image of Hurricane Michael in 2018

    Individualists are less likely to obey hurricane evacuation orders

    Residents with individualist world views are less likely to be persuaded by official predictions of risks or evacuate from an approaching hurricane, new research finds.

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  2. Screen shot of Storm Surge AR

    Your house, but flooded: Augmented reality brings storm surge impacts home

    A new augmented reality app developed by the COMET Program gives users multiple ways to interact with varying levels of storm surge, including the ability to envision water flooding into your own house.

    • Education + Outreach

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  3. Washington Update: May 5, 2020

    Updates on budget and appropriations, continued impacts from COVID-19, input on Earth system predictability, and more relief spending.

    • Government Relations

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  4. A composite image of blooming phytoplankton and swirling currents along the coast of California and western Mexico. (Credit: Norman Kuring / NASA)

    Ocean acidification prediction now possible years in advance

    A team of researchers has developed a method that could enable scientists to accurately forecast ocean acidity up to five years in advance. This would enable fisheries and communities that depend on seafood negatively affected by ocean acidification to adapt to changing conditions in real time, improving economic and food security in the next few decades. 

    • Climate

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  5. Simulation of past climate shows recent models may be too sensitive to carbon dioxide

    A climate model simulation of the Early Eocene period roughly 50 million years ago returned temperatures that were too high compared to evidence in the geologic record, suggesting that the model may also project unrealistically high temperatures for the future.

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